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Lawyer Ethics & Responsbility

Ethics and Professional Responsibility Attorney: New York City and New York State

The Law Offices of Richard E. Grayson provides legal representation to judges and lawyers being investigated for ethics and professional responsibility complaints.

In addition to his services as an attorney in New York, Mr. Grayson also provides counseling to lawyers, and handles real estate transactions in Westchester County and surrounding areas.

Lawyer Ethics and Responsibility
Richard E. Grayson assists lawyers who are being investigated or prosecuted for neglect, improprieties with client funds, conflicts of interest, fraud or other allegations of unethical practices or professional misconduct. He defends lawyers before the applicable state grievance committees, and at the appellate level as well.  He also represents attorneys who seek reinstatement.

Judicial Ethics
Mr. Grayson has practiced ethics and professional responsibility law since 1978, including a stint as an attorney for the Ninth Judicial District Grievance Committee.  He represents judges in disciplinary proceedings before the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct. 

Bar Applicants
Richard E. Grayson has counseled and represented law school graduates who have been served with a Notice of Charges for violating the rules of the New York State Board of Law Examiners. Law school graduates who are seeking admission to the bar may find their application under review by the Character and Fitness Committees. Richard E. Grayson has counseled and represented state bar applicants who have been charged with misconduct that may prevent them from being admitted to the bar, or have questions about the admission process.

Assistance to Legal Consultants
Mr. Grayson serves as counsel to legal consultants and attorneys who are licensed to practice in other states or other countries, but who are not admitted to the New York bar.

Counselor at Law
Law school does not teach attorneys how to run a business, or how to resolve personal conflicts with associates in their firm. Richard E. Grayson provides counseling to attorneys about problems related to lawyering, such as:
• conflicts with partners, clients or creditors;
• ethical dilemmas;
• daily operations of a law firm;
• stress-related behaviors such as illegal drug use, gambling, alcoholism, prescription drug abuse or sexual misconduct.

Ethics Opinions
When an attorney faces a difficult ethical issue or needs to know if actions or practices fall within professional responsibility guidelines, Mr. Grayson is qualified to provide ethics opinions. A written ethics opinion by an ethics and professional responsibility attorney can insulate lawyers if they later come under investigation, since an ethics opinion shows due diligence in seeking counsel from a neutral professional.

Real Estate Transactions
Mr. Grayson assists residential and commercial buyers and sellers.

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The Law Offices of Richard E. Grayson represents lawyers and judges against charges of professional misconduct or ethics violations, and counsels bar applicants and attorneys about ethical issues.  The firm serves attorneys and judges in the First and Second Departments and throughout New York State.

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