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Richard E. Grayson has many years of experience representing former New York attorneys seeking reinstatement to the bar.

Richard E. Grayson is included in "The New York Area's Best Lawyers, 2013" edition in the field of Ethics and Professional Responsibility Law. He is also "AV" rated by Martindale-Hubbell.

If you are seeking counsel or information about reinstatement to the New York bar, click here for my contact information. 

Representative Attorney Reinstatement Cases:

Matter of [Anonymous], Second Dept. (2021): Lawyer suspended for two years in 2014 for a conflict of interest in the drafting of a will was denied reinstatement in his pro se first reinstatement application. Four years later he was reinstated based on the recommendation of the Character and Fitness Committee.

Matter of Grant, Second Dept. (2021): Lawyer disbarred in 2002 for escrow and other violations and who also fraudulently obtained a 9/11 SBA loan, pled guilty to wire fraud and money laundering and was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison, three years of supervised release and approximately $300,000 in restitution. He was reinstated after his first Character & Fitness hearing.

Matter of [Anonymous], First Dept. (2020): Lawyer suspended for one year for aiding in the unauthorized practice of law was reinstated without opposition from the Grievance Committee.

Matter of [Anonymous], Second Dept. (2019): In-house counsel for insurance company pleaded guilty to mail fraud and filing a false tax return. He served six months in federal prison and three years of probation but was reinstated by the Court after his first hearing.

Matter of [Anonymous], First Dept. (2017): Attorney working at large international law firm was disbarred in 2009 in connection with a felony conviction for insider trading unrelated to the attorney’s work at the law firm. The Court reinstated the individual after his first hearing.

Matter of Levine, 2017 NY Slip Op 02653 (April 5, 2017): Attorney suspended in 1999 and disbarred in 2000 based on 29 charges for failing to cooperate with the Grievance Committee, neglect, and mishandling his escrow account, among other charges, was reinstated by the Second Department.

Matter of Robbins, 139 AD3d 1177 (May 5, 2016): The Third Dept. suspended the attorney for nine months in 2009 based on his nine month suspension in 2008 in Massachusetts. He was reinstated in Massachusetts in 2009. The Third Department's Committee on Professional Standards initially opposed his reinstatement but the Committee on Character and Fitness subcommittee submitted a favorable report and he was reinstated on May 5, 2016.

Matter of Eisenberg, 136 AD3d 1032 (February 24, 2016): Attorney resigned and was disbarred for mishandling escrow funds. The Character and Fitness Subcommittee pointed out how he has turned his life around, including the contributions he has made in the area of electronic discovery. The Court reinstated him on February 24, 2016.

Matter of Posner, 136 AD3d 830 (February 10, 2016): Attorney was suspended for one year for remaining a partner and signatory on an escrow account while the other partner misappropriated escrow funds. The attorney was reinstated without undergoing a Character & Fitness Committee hearing.

Matter of Henning, 132 AD3d 872 (October 21, 2015): attorney was suspended in 2005 and then disbarred in 2006 for criminal contempt for having forged the signature of a judge on a stipulation which allowed the attorney to receive funds that the attorney was entitled to anyway. The attorney was reinstated despite the Character and Fitness Subcommittee report and Character and Fitness Committee vote recommending against her reinstatement.

Matter of Ugweches, 2015 NY Slip Op 73049 (U) (May 14, 2015) First Dept. motion 896: Lawyer convicted of assaulting a police officer in 2006 fled the jurisdiction and returned to court three years later on a warrant. The First Dept. reversed the conviction in 2014, the District Attorney decided not to re-try the case and the charges were dismissed on January 20, 2015. The lawyer was reinstated on May 14, 2015.

Matter of Rovner, 113 AD3d 865 (January 29, 2014): attorney disbarred in 2005 after a guilty plea to promoting gambling was reinstated by the Appellate Division on his first application.

Matter of Iaquinta-Snigur, 104 AD3d 767 (March 13, 2013): attorney suspended for three years in 2006 based on numerous charges of misconduct was denied reinstatement on her first application but was reinstated on her second application.

Matter of Weinsten, 101 AD3d 892, 954 NYS2d 914 (December 12, 2012): attorney disbarred in 2000 based on federal mail fraud convictions in 1997 was denied reinstatement the first two times he applied but was reinstated by the Second Department on the third application.

Matter of Kamgar, 2010 NY Slip Op 77377(U) (July 20, 2010) First Department motion-752: attorney moved overseas in the summer of 2001 for family reasons. Soon after the September 11, 2001 attacks, a former client filed a complaint against the attorney. The Departmental Disciplinary Committee was unable to locate the attorney, which resulted in the attorney's suspension in 2004 and disbarment in 2005 for failure to cooperate with the DDC. Upon returning to the United States in 2008, the attorney learned of the Court's actions. The attorney was allowed to answer the underlying complaint, which was dismissed by the DDC in 2009. The attorney then moved for reconsideration and/or vacatur of the order of disbarment. The Court granted that relief and reinstated the attorney without requiring the attorney to appear at a hearing.

Matter of Ajello, 72 AD3d 943 (2010): attorney disbarred in 2000 for numerous escrow violations was reinstated by the Second Department despite the Character and Fitness Subcommittee report and Character and Fitness Committee vote recommending against his reinstatement.

Matter of Lopes, 57 AD3d 782 (2008); NY Slip Op 10002: attorney who was suspended for three years in 1998 and thereafter was disbarred in 1999 (based on a resignation) was reinstated after being out of practice for 10 years.

Matter of Frlan-Zovko, May 19, 2008 New York Law Journal, p.35, col. 2: attorney who was suspended for three years in 2004 for numerous escrow violations was reinstated after being out of practice for four years.

Matter of Goldklang, 2007 NY Slip Op 79666 (U); October 25, 2007 New York Law Journal
p. 39. col. 2: attorney who was suspended in 1990 for one year and also suspended in 1992 for two years was reinstated after being out of practice for 17 years.

Matter of Alsafty, 29 AD3d 1214, 2006; NY Slip Op 03966: attorney who was suspended for one year based on a Maryland disbarment for practicing law without a license in Maryland was reinstated after being out of practice for two years.

Matter of Cerbone, no citation; Appellate Division reinstatement decision dated November 30, 2005; docket #00-01410: attorney who was suspended in 2002 for one year for escrow violations was reinstated.

Matter of Waitzman, 164 AD2d 724 (2004): attorney who had been disbarred in 1991 (based on a resignation), was reinstated to practice on his third application, the first application having been filed pro se and the second having been filed by another attorney.

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